The best ticket scans app

If you're like me who don't know what to do with all your cash receipts that are scattered in your wallet, you understand the value of finding a scan solution that is really effective, so don't look anymore. Indeed to save you time and research I have the solution she s'apple ScanTicket, a revolutionary application to allow you to store all your tickets in digital format in a very sober and well-arranged iphone application.

Organization of the app

Its menus are simple and efficient, which makes it the reference application in this matter for me. And I can tell you that I've tested different scan apps and other scanners.

A menu for the scan: One click and hop we scan a ticket, then we crop with a swipe of the fingers on 4 corners of the scan, and finally we record. A contrast and brightness adjustment option is available but I never needed it. A super convenient option that remembers the names of old tickets makes it easy and quick to get in.

A menu for classification: Everything is automatically stored in the odre of decreasing dates, a main menu allows you to group all your tickets by categories, it's really smart.

A search: Classic but very practical and fast at the top of the view.

A menu for your account information: A classic Sign in, sign out, and a possibility to connect your DropBox account to export a copy of all your tickets in otion.

The business model

The app is free of charge for up to 20 scans, so you can test and verify that it suits you.
Then you will be asked to subscribe to the service for 3.99 euros / week with 7 days free trial with an automatic cloud backup of all your tickets in order to save them and not lose them.

To install the ScanTicket app go here.