New version of ScanTicket

New features in version 7.0.10

The document synchronization code is completely recoded in Swift5 for better reliability and also to save space in the weight of the app.

A new and much requested feature has been added, and that is printing with AirPrint. Indeed, equipped with a printer compatible with Apple's AirPrint wireless technology, the scanticket application gives you the ability to print receipts, or even print monthly reports of archived transactions.
The layout uses the identical graphic formatting of the app, which makes the copy very readable and practical.

The Share menu becomes Options and therefore allows you to:
  • Export documents to PDF
  • Export all data in CSV
  • Print in AirPrint

The advantage of printing your documents

Digitizing your receipts is an undeniable advantage, however sometimes hard copy is practical to keep a written record of paper invoices in a pocket for example.
Especially when you know that the ink on the receipts ends up being erased quite quickly.

New synchronization

The old code in very rare cases sent a copy of documents several times to the cloud which took time and unnecessary resources. All this is corrected and optimized in SWIFT5 language.

Update available in the AppStore

For those who already have Scanticket on their iPhone, just update to take advantage of these great new features. For others it should be downloaded here .

Version 5.6.3