What's the point of scanning your tickets and invoices?

A digital version, or otherwise called a Scan of your paper tickets, helps prevent them from happening. Indeed, the main problem of paper tickets is that the ink used for printed matter fades quickly over time. Which is a real problem when you have to get your expense reports reimbursed. On the other hand, the paper used for cash receipts is very often a roll of paper of poor quality, and very quickly tends to crumple and destroy itself especially as the tickets accumulate in the wallet or in the pocket of a jacket.

Disadvantages of an unscanned receipt

  • Poor quality paper
  • Crinkles and deteriorates quickly
  • Poor quality ink
  • fades and fades quickly
  • Unable to prove expense report

Advantages of scanned invoice

The advantage of an app like ScanTicket is that you can directly switch to digital PDF format with the help of scans of receipts or expense reports and this with a single click on a simple button in the middle of this superb, easy-to-use scan application . Then it is very easy to capture the imformations at the chain with the pre-entry of recurring information.

Indeed, if you need to scan 10 tickets of the same types, such as a cash withdrawal receipt in a bank ticket machine, the ScanTicket app will automatically offer you as the category name, the one previously entered, which greatly accelerates the entry of tickets or invoices in the chain.

You can also scan different kind of documents such a lotto ticket. The simple but efficient management of the categories allows you to search and find the ticket or invoice necessary to return your expense report and thus be reimbursed for your business trip.
The DropBox Backup feature is an additional asset that makes the ScanTicket app a reference app on iPhone.

  • Does not deteriorate in time Available all the time
  • and from anywhere
  • Search very fast from your smartphone
  • Printable version from a click on AirPrint

In conclusion

Do not wait any longer to install and try this superb application that will do you so much service and you will simplify your daily tasks to free you from this constraint and problem of printing and disappearing professional travel proofs and other paper invoices.